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What Can You Use Instead of Coconut Flour? 

Navigating the world of baking and cooking often involves encountering unexpected challenges, such as realizing mid-recipe that you’re low on a key ingredient like coconut flour. Coconut flour, prized for its unique texture and flavor, presents a particular dilemma when it comes to substitutions. Fear not, though, for in this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into […]

How to Substitute Almond Flour for Coconut Flour

You can substitute almond flour for coconut flour (and vise versa). With that said, you do need to make adjustments to the recipe to account for the extra absorbency of coconut flour.   Why Substitute Almond Flour for Coconut Flour?  There are several benefits to switching almond flour out for coconut flour, including: Step-by-Step Guide: Substituting […]